Magic Writing Circle Group Coaching

Join a cozy writing circle of women (max 4) who share your desire to turn your life’s journey into powerful stories and books that can inspire and help others. There’s fun and camaraderie while everyone learns techniques to make their writing better. And you get honest, sensitive feedback from those who will be your first readers. Self-confidence grows when you hear how others respond to your writing. You’ll be so proud of this major personal accomplishment.

Use your stories for your business (podcasts, stage, and print) for your family or your writing career. The writing tools you learn you will have forever, and the friendships too. It’s magic.

Meet with me and other aspiring authors for my Magic Writing Circle
on Zoom!

Here’s what previous participants have said about the Magic Writing Circle:

Joanne: I can’t believe I’ve written 6,000 words already! It’s feeling like a possibility now instead of just a dream and that’s thanks to you.

Laura: I don’t believe I have ever met a group where I felt so completely accepted, supported, and deeply known. It’s conducive to growth and to spreading our writer wings!

Jo has a very positive way of encouraging and gently prodding me to stretch a little more than I believe I can.

Monica: Jo, your coaching Magic Writing Circle revived my desire to write and accelerated my skills. I’m so grateful.

Lida: No one has ever believed in me the way Jo does! And she taught me how to handle people who interfere with my goals.

Working together in person

In these times of greater isolation, I believe we need creative outlets more than ever. The Magic Writing Circle presents a golden opportunity. I would love to have you join us. – Jo