Do you underestimate the impact of your own efforts in life? Well, working with a ghostwriter lets you see your life from the point of view of an outsider and you just may be amazed to recognize what you’ve accomplished!

Getting your journey down on paper is transformationalfor you and your readers!

Whether you’re using your story to build your business or leave a legacy for those you love, content that is well written is an impressive accomplishment universally recognized. It will remain an asset you can use from the stage, on your website, or as a gift. A book you’ve authored elevates your status in the business world and amongst family and friends in addition to satisfying your curiosity about your own life.

We are here to overcome challenges and share our wisdom. And the time has never been more perfect to stand up as a leader to help others on their journey, and become part of making our world bright.

Now is your time.

The Ghostwriting Process:

BEGINNING PHASE (via zoom or phone)

Prior to the first meeting: Find out if we’re a good fit. Are you confident I can write in your voice? Gathering general information about your project

Drafting a rough outline of the time period and major events you want to be covered will determine the scope and size of the book. Finding photos to include adds tremendous value to your book, and is a consideration that also affects the time parameters of the project. Pacing will be dependent on your availability to provide content on a regular weekly basis and answer questions when necessary—i.e. a productive working arrangement between us.

Growing your story to a completed first draft. Receiving Inspiration, support, and built-in deadlines. I provide focus, and guidance to get the book written from what is gleaned from our regular meetings and any other source material you provide. Challenges, setbacks, and joy are part of our days together. Any good story needs conflict, so you’ll need to be willing to address that as well, to shine a light for others.


There will be constant small revisions and two major drafts with the author being responsible for reading the whole and advising changes, omissions, etc. in a timely manner until a final draft is agreed upon.

After polishing and reviewing the completed text, placing photos, checking the accuracy, and being satisfied with the content, the work proceeds to publication.


Choosing a publisher or self-publishing option and working with the publisher lies outside the job of the ghostwriter, but can be an added service for an extra fee if you choose. My guidance can be provided all the way to the finished hardcover and softcover editions if you wish. (How you will sell or distribute your book is not part of my expertise or services.)

My job throughout is to provide an atmosphere where you feel free to explore your story. Hiring a ghostwriter to record your life story is a dynamic adventure—likely requiring six to 9 months. From your experiences and reflections, we create a powerful story that will touch the hearts and minds of readers. Revealing who you are in your book is the perfect way to connect with others, and the most complete way of defining your legacy for your corporation, family, friends, and general readers.