The Hard Part is Swallowing the Camera—Are you afraid to write a book?

The place you fear to enter holds treasure you seek.
~ Joseph Campbell

“The hard part is swallowing the camera,” the nurse confided.

I gulped as my chunky old Canon Rebel (about six inches square) came to mind. The iPhone I have now seemed equally unlikely to go down well.

Fear made me such a nervous hostage on the hospital gurney I looked for a way out. “If you don’t find a good vein this time,” I said, “I’m leaving!”

With the third jab, a different nurse gently explained the entire procedure which she said would take only five minutes. I would be asleep and feel nothing. And the camera is about the size of a large vitamin pill, she told me.

Unfounded fears can stop us when we sit down to write or lie down for a routine medical exam. Tell me your fears and I’ll help you achieve your goal.

Here’s what can happen if you venture forth. Terry was a client highly motivated to get her book written. She set a deadline of two months and stuck to writing a chapter a week. She concentrated on using new ways to improve her writing, and we shared many laughs.

Terry had the right mindset. I loved working with her. She was open and receptive. We reviewed each submission in detail. She applied the edits we discussed and wrote another chapter for the following week. We even had time to hone the cover she’s posting on Amazon.

It’s possible, and it can be fun. You won’t be asleep, and it’ll take more than five minutes. But writing a book is achievable. (As was proof of my clean bill of health, BTW.)

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