Pick a number, any number, and go for it!

Proof of the Pudding! Without setting new goals for my walking routine, I’d become a laggard. Two years ago I never missed a 10,000-day walk. Now I was down to a vague desire and the weight was up. Full of excuses—covid, the cold, and overwhelm.

But like any good coach I knew the cure. Set a new goal. Something so easy there was no excuse to fail. One of those SMART goals to the rescue—Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.

Start with 5,000 steps a day I told myself. Suddenly I was performing, And when I was circling back with only 4062, guilt kept me from stopping, even at 10 pm. I had a specific number and I walked another 938 before opening the front door.

I couldn’t let myself down when what was needed to complete the goal was so clear.

Want the best way to schedule your writing? While it’s different for each of us because of our commitments and daily routines,

I suggest a specific word count goal is great for getting a first draft out of your head and on paper. Once you have any words down you have raw material to work with. Ideas you’ve written will spark other ideas. Cliches can be replaced with unique phrases. But without those triggers written you’re always facing a blank space which can be intimidating. You’re always wondering how to start.

Start with something that’s lousy so you’ll have something to improve! Writing, like anything, goes through phases, many transformations until you’re satisfied.

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Didn’t know I was a ballerina, did you?

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