Writing your First Draft is like Driving without a License

Last Sunday I talked about the editing phase when you go back, correct, and add details unique to your voice and experience.

Your first draft will feel more like these 3-year olds driving without a license. Speeding headlong, almost blind, and certainly without the skills that will later guide them. But they are having fun! The first draft is the fun stage. Even though friends and family might be skeptical and worried for you like Rudy in the passenger seat.

But you’ve gotta keep driving. That’s how we learn. Enjoy the adventure. Be confident you can at least stay in the big grassy area. And what’s the worst that can happen? Unlikely you’ll tip over and get injured at your computer. Not even a knee scrape.

Start anywhere in the story and just keep going. Go where the wheel takes you. Writing is a skill, learned like any other by making mistakes. And what feels like a runaway ride now may later surprise you. First Draft is not the time to judge your driving. Stay away from the DMV driving test! You’re practicing now in the grocery parking lot alone at midnight. Correcting the erratic movements will come later.

You’ll never be in this naive and free state again. Three-year-olds grow up. Enjoy your first draft. Don’t worry be happy!

Let me know any obstacles you encounter and we’ll clear the road…

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