“Jo Nelsen has been my support and rock in writing my book.
I couldn’t have done it without her”

— W. Bailey, author of My Life in the Northern Skies, Daring Adventures of a Helicopter Bush Pilot

Is it time to tell your story?

I’d love to be your Ghostwriter or your Writing Coach!

Your story is unique to you. No one else can tell it exactly as you would. I believe in the value of each of our lives, and the importance of honoring them in writing that will outlast us. Our thoughts and dreams, accomplishments, and failures will resonate with readers and enhance their lives. Whether you’re using your story to build your business or leave a legacy for those you love, content that is well-written is an impressive accomplishment universally recognized.

A book will remain an asset you can use from the stage, on your website, or as a gift. fA book you’ve authored elevates your status in the business world and amongst family and friends in addition to satisfying your curiosity about your own life.

Ghostwriting is my specialty and although I’m seasoned in many genres, I particularly enjoy working with people who want to share their life stories, best known as ‘memoirs’.

“… there is only one of you in all of time. Your story is unique. It will never exist through any other medium but you, and if your story is not shared, it will be lost.” ~

Martha Graham

Is it time to finally write your story? Would you like some help?

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book and it seems daunting, or even impossible, I can help you. Even if you’ve tried and got stuck, or you just are too busy, we can make it happen.  

Writing your book can be a collaboration. You will be the author and I will be the writer—your ghostwriter.  Doesn’t that sound easier? Learn more here.

If you prefer to be supported in the process of writing your book, I offer one-on-one coaching or you can join other aspiring authors in my Magic Writing Circle.


Here is what some of my clients have to say about working with me.

Teresa Yerkes, Author of God Within You: The Case for Christian Meditation

‘Thanks again for keeping me on the straight and narrow through the writing of my book. I wouldn’t have accomplished so much in so little time if you hadn’t been there to support me. What I have learned from you has enhanced my overall communication skills.  You have made the journey of writing this book a joy!‘  Teri Y.

I so appreciate the blog you wrote for me. *You saw something in me and my photography and expressed it in such a meaningful way. Thank you —Barbara G.

Thank you. Your insights, credentials, and big smile made my book possible. —Wayne B. Author: My Life in the Northern Skies, Daring Adventures of a Helicopter Bush Pilot

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